M O B I L E   P H O T O W O R K S H O P S


Lecturer: PETER LANČARIČ  (UCM Trnava)




Peter Lančarič (born 1989) is a photographer, whose work, in addition to documentary photography, also includes conceptual and intermediary projects. He is devoted in particular to some topics such as intimacy and identity, but he does not avoid socially committed creation. He is an internal doctoral student at the Department of Artistic Communication of the Faculty of Mass-media Communication UCM in Trnava. In the research part of his study he deals with the impact of digitization on the medium of photography and with the changing nature of the portrait as an artistic form.  He is a co-founder of community and arts centre Kubiknápadov / Cubic of Ideas in Trnava and public space gallery called Galéria Výklad / Showcase Gallery . He is programmatically mapping an independent DIY culture in Slovakia.




It is possible to sense from the Peter Lančarič´s work that he is the author for whom the photography is a part of life. The early works Stairs on the Street Corner (2012) and Turn off the Light (2014) with their figurative poeticsare kind of search for the philosophy of relationships. Later he was inspired by reflections and feelings, layered in the structures of consciousness and the sub-consciousness. Through the medium of photography, he discovered for himself not only what we perceive by eyesight, but also what is hidden beneath the surface. His photos are an extract of self-reflections in an intimate diary recording of some fun, serious and tragic events that the life brings in the most diverse forms. Such an example is the set of photographs titled Anything else, or everything…(2012 − 2016).

Later, the author tries to grasp the inward of a person through the current concept of the individual and the group identity depicting.  He does not regard only in his interior, he is the sensitive observer of the surrounding world.  The author has not even avoided to the committed social criticism, such as e.g. An Exhibition in the Shithouse (2015), where he intervened into the opening ceremony of the commercial centre of the City Arena with his illegal exhibition in toilets.

Intermediary exhibition project Exposition (2017) is a direct form of social criticism, when the author leaves the viewer to observe his intimate life for a period of 30 days through a camera situated in his bedroom. The author raises questions for us, linked to current phenomena of mass entertainment, whether on a TV reality show, or a generation of current celebrities finding a glory via the Internet. He also refers to the weakness of us – the audience, often liable to temptations of the world overexposed with manipulated images of reality.

As social committed we can mark a series of exhibitions Let's Keep Together (2018) that include photographs of patients, located at the border between life and death with a diagnosis of "coma vigile". He breaks down the personal space of family secrets with poetics of a simple (indexed) record. His direct photography penetrates to deeper layers and metaphorically tells the story on "the human nudity", about relationships, injuries and burdensome destinies. He tells with photos also about an internal strength and the eternal hope of a person, with the intention to publicly point out and enhance the visibility the issue of the malfunctioning of the social and health care system in Slovakia.