The premiere multimedia exhibition project presents the work of authors from the classical image to its recontextualization, through digital technology in an open dialogue about the loss or confirmation of the aura of a work of art. The exhibition, presented as a part of the dramaturgical cycle Couples, approaches the intermedia tendencies of contemporary art and at the same time critically-objectively points to the ever-increasing degree of digitization in life and art. The exhibition was supported from public funds by the Slovak Arts Council.


A pair of authors from the region of Eastern Slovakia is united by their interest in the topic of the impact of digital media on society and an individual. The authors Richard Kitta and Martin Kudla have been "collaborating" with each other since the time of their common studies at the Faculty of Arts of the Technical University in Košice, where they currently work as teachers. Martin Kudla tends towards classical media; Richard Kitta has been multimedial since the beginning of his work. Connecting classic media to digital is mutually beneficial. The painting on the canvas acquires the fluidity of time, while the digital media confront the physicality of the painting. It is just in this combination that questions arise about the limits and possibilities of individual media, which artists deliberately emphasize in their installations. From the beginning of the 20th century, painting has been subjected to an increasingly thorough analysis, both in terms of form and in terms of the importance or reason for its existence. The end of the last century brought the declared death of painting, so that we could soon witness its resurrection. Martin Kudla newly records this development, moving from figural compositions to abstracted images of coloured vertical and horizontal lines. These are a mirror of the perception of the world through digital media and at the same time a reference to the barcodes of commodity fetishism. The denial of the gesture leads to the search for subtle moments of the painting process and, in connection with the digital media, at the same time opens the controversy of the aura of the work of art. Richard Kitta combines different media to recontextualize their content. For him, the digital platform is a selective game of meanings and contradictions, transforming and reconfiguring individual works in continuous series. Close to him is the work with conceptually based, pseudo-narrative patterns, that are intertwined in intellectual-ludical dialogue with the works of Martin Kudla.


The Sample Data exhibition is a reflection of the near, already present future. The fluidity of the time that can be entered and the possible variability of physical or virtual space are challenges to which artists are constantly responding with new solutions.


Curator: Mgr. art. Katarína Balúnová, ArtD. - GUS

Production: Mgr. Lenka Králová - GUS

Graphic design: Mgr. art. Ivana Babejová, ArtD. - GUS


15.07.2020 o 17.00 hod.

Miesto konania

Galéria umelcov Spiša
Zimná 46, Spišská Nová Ves


15.07.2020 - 15.11.2020

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