Exhibition of a Spiš artist – sculptor, medallist and jewellery maker Imrich Svitana is an introduction of a selection from his chamber and monumental creation in recent decades. Realization of the exhibition called VERTICALS relies on the phenomenon of the author's main inspiration, what is his native Spiš: 75 vertical miniature sculpturesque towers, forming the core of the installation, present the 75th birth anniversary of the author. The exhibition is implemented as a part of the dramaturgical cycle PROFILES, presenting independent artistic profiles that are linked to the research and acquisition activities of the Gallery. The exhibition and the upcoming catalogue are realized thanks to the partial support of the Slovak Arts Council.


The creative work of the academic sculptor Imrich Svitana was presented in many author´s and collective exhibitions both at home and abroad as a part of the presentation of Slovak jewellery, medals and sculpture creation, as well as in the context of presentations of the „artists of Spiš". However, it was not completely processed in the dialogue of all creative areas represented, including monumental creation. The exhibition in artefacts, as well as through interactive tools, briefly presents the evolution of his creation in all areas: it also introduces some examples of his monumental creation in the form of a slide show. The main part is the selection from chamber sculpture and jewellery that correspond to pastels and drawings. So far unprocessed materials are sketchbooks and multiple documentary materials that map the author´s varied and diverse artistic life.


About the author

Imrich Svitana was born on January 22nd, 1944 in Spišská Nová Ves. In the yrs. 1963 - 1970 he studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (CZ), Department of Artistic Metal Processing with professors Matejovský and Nušl. From the beginning of his artistic career he devoted himself to monumental creation, sculptures, medals and jewellery. The artist's works are in the collections of the Gallery of Spiš Artists, Slovak National Gallery, East-Slovakian Gallery, Orava Gallery, Gallery of E. Zmeták, Tatra Gallery, Liptov Gallery of P.M Bohúň, Bratislava City Gallery, Central-Slovakian, Šariš and Nitra Gallery and in the East-Slovakian Museum in Košice. In addition to public institutions, the author is represented in many Czech galleries and private collections both at home and abroad.


Curators: Mgr. Lucia Benická, Mgr. Mária Šabľová, Mgr. Zuzana Juháziová - GUS

Special cooperation: Mgr. Jitka Haaková

Graphic design: Mgr. art. Ivana Babejová - GUS


04.12.2019 o 17.00 hod.

Miesto konania

Galéria umelcov Spiša
Zimná 46, Spišská Nová Ves


04.12.2019 - 29.03.2020

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